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  • How to make him last longer in Bed

    How to make him last longer in Bed

    Premature Ejaculation is a condition when men cannot control the timing of their orgasms and end up ejaculating early. Over 30% of males suffer from this condition according to some studies. Medications such as antidepressants can be a factor as can alcohol misuse, inflammation of the prostate, stress and unresolved former traumatic sexual experiences. The following are things you should do to find how to last loner in bed when your suffer with premature ejaculation:

    Talk to him

    This is really important, but in truth, talking to their partner about his lasting time can be very difficult for most women. You should try to broach the subject subtly and confirm to him that you are satisfied with the overall relationship. Emphasize that it is an issue for the both of you to deal with and that you are willing to help. Don’t come across as angry or frustrated and do not compare him to past lovers. Communication is the key. Once you and your man can communicate openly about the problem you will be well on the way to overcoming it.

    Know the best positions

    During intercourse, the position, speed and depth of penetration can make a big impact on your partner’s ability to delay ejaculation. It’s true that all men are different, but you will find that the women on top position give your man the best chance of being able to last. This is mainly due to the man having to use fewer muscles around his pelvic area. This makes it easier for him to keep his ejaculatory muscles relaxed and controlled which is the key for him to delay climax. On the other hand, the man on top position is notoriously difficult for men with premature ejaculation and should be avoided until you man has improved his lasting ability. It’s also important for you to go slow at the start. After the first minute or two, the probability of your man being able to last will improve.

    premature ejaculation cure

    Start and Stop

    Start and Stop method is a very powerful way to prolong your ejaculation. You need to watch your arousal level carefully. When you feel you are going to ejaculate within next 40 seconds or so, stop all the thrusting and pull your penis out of the vagina. Relax and your arousal will drop within next 30 seconds or so. While you are waiting, you can switch positions and please your partner with oral sex. When you feel the urge to ejaculate is gone completely, you can resume penetrative sex as normal.

    Ejaculate Beforehand

    Masturbating a couple of hours before sex is a great way to improve your sex stamina for the sexual intercourse. It tends to make your penis less sensitive to sexual stimulation and less prone to ejaculate early. It is very common to last 3-4 times longer using this technique alone.

    There is a lot more you can learn about helping your man last longer, but this is a good start. The important thing to remember is that with open communication, understanding, and a little effort, it is possible for men with premature ejaculation to learn how to last longer in bed. These are just a few of the tips to help you figure out how you can make him last longer. If you can use these tips, you should be able to greatly increase the sexual stamina of your man.

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  • Angular Cheilitis and its Treatment

    Angular Cheilitis

    What is Angular Cheilitis

    Angular Cheilitis, otherwise known as angular stomatitis or perleche, is a condition that causes dryness and soreness around the corner of one or both sides of the lip. This can look like mouth sores or cracked lip corners, but either way, the individual with these conditions suffers from discomfort and sensitivity whenever the mouth is used. Instead of living a life of misery, this disease can be diagnosed and there are ways to treat it. 

    How to Diagnose

    Although its appearance may be easy to diagnose, there are several explanations for why this condition occurs. To find out the cause of this disease, a skin biopsy is rarely necessary. Instead, doctors can take a small swab of the affected area to find out the type of bacteria that is causing this infection. 

    The most common is that angular cheilitis is caused by a build-up of bacteria in the corner of the mouth. This type of bacteria is usually found in the saliva and causes this reaction when an individual licks their lips often or when saliva collects in the corner of the mouth. Another way in which this can occur is if the corners of the mouth have irregular skin folds. 

    If the cause of angular cheilitis is not a result of bacteria, it can have causes relating to dental fixtures. These can include braces or denture replacements. 

    Other causes for this condition can include poor nutrition, allergies, anemia, inflammatory bowel disease, skin sensitivity, a predisposition to this disease (those with Down syndrome or those infected with HIV), or medication for acne and psoriasis. 


    How to Treat and Cure

    If the diagnosis was that this condition was caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the corner of the lip, then the doctor will most likely prescribe an antibiotic to fight off the infection. Since this can be attributed to the bacteria in saliva, this condition typically occurs to children who slobber, use a pacifier, or suck their thumb—any activity that will cause the accumulation of slobber in the corner of the mouth for a long period of time. To prevent this condition, it is recommended to avoid licking the lips and use a lip balm on a regular basis. 

    When the diagnosis reveals that the cause of angular cheilitis was dentures, the solution can be simple. Most likely the dentures caused this condition because they were not the proper fit. It is important to make sure these prosthetics are the correct size and shape to fix and avoid this disease. 

    For the various other reasons that cause this disease, anti fungal medications or cream, steroid ointments, or nutritional supplements may be necessary. 

    Since this disease has various causes, it is important to check with a doctor or dentist to understand what led to this condition. If non-medicated solutions do not work, such as taking nutritional supplements, adjusting dental work, or just using lip balm, a doctor should be able to help with the best strategy to help treat and cure this disease so that eating and talking are not done in permanent discomfort. 

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  • Swellings, Abscesses, Hematomas


    Quite often, the injection of certain drugs are associated with a swelling. Injected drug is like encapsulated in the body in a small “capsule”, which prevents contents from entering the bloodstream. Origin of infiltrations often remains unknown, particularly to their formation can result the presence in the oily solution or suspension different kinds of toxic chemicals, the origin of which is difficult to establish (“underground” or counterfeit drugs). In spite of popular opinion, the formation of infiltration does not depend on the rate of injection. In case of rupture of common swelling can form abscess. For the treatment of swellings may be applied:

    • Electrophoresis
    • Heating (compresses, iodine grid)

    Avoid injection into the already formed infiltration – this can lead to the formation of an abscess.



    Abscess is called a swollen and purulent inflammation of tissues (in our case it is a muscle or subcutaneous tissue). Abscesses can develop from a common swellings and infiltrates. The causes of the abscess associated with injections of anabolic steroids are:

    • The use of non-sterile syringes, re-use of disposable syringes.
    • Insufficient disinfection of rubber cap of the vial or injection site.
    • The foreign infectious substances and objects contained in the product (atypical bacteria, toxic chemicals).

    An abscess is surrounded by a zone of inflammation, protective reaction of organism keep safe healthy tissue from the abscess, forming a capsule. An abscess is usually accompanied by pain, fever, increased white blood cell count. For treatment of abscesses are usually used:

    • Electrophoresis
    • Antibiotics
    • Surgery


    As opposed to the abscess, hematoma is a solid swelling of liquid and clotted blood in the tissues. Hematomas may occur if during injection process the substance gets into blood vessel (usually a small capillary.) Small hematomas resolve quickly and completely. However, in some cases (for example when you inject for several times in swollen area) around hematoma may occur inflammatory process with the formation of solid capsule.


    Again, unlike abscesses, hematomas that occur during injection does not require surgery (even in the case of inflammation), and it enough to apply several compresses. On the first day – a cold compress, you can use ice, and then – warm (gels, iodine grid etc).

    Of course these are just a few tips that will help you get rid of abscesses and hematomas. If you are suffering from this problem at the moment it will not make you any problems to solve it naturally without any pill as fast as possible. We hope this article will help you be healthier. Good luck!